The Research Process

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Research papers, essential to every english class you will take from high school through college. While research papers give students the opportunity to write about things they are interested in, they can be extremely frustrating and the obstacle of writers block can seriously hinder ones progress. If you look online you’ll see that many people agree and disagree with assigning research papers but no matter side of the argument you are on, the reality is that they are not going away anytime soon. When this paper was first assigned I did not expect it to be easy, but I also did not expect it to be as challenging as it has been. From deciding on a topic, finding scholarly sources and verifying that they were actually scholarly sources, and actually writing the paper, it has been a headache. I have learned that writing is not easy, no matter how into the topic you are. I have also experienced the joy of finding something that backs your argument after hours of searching.

In the beginning I thought I would do a paper on drones and modern warfare, two very interesting and relevant topics. That failed. I then thought that I would explore the differences in how joining the army is advertised to different groups of people. Another failure due to lack of existing research. I finally settled on how World War II effected eating and buying habits of food for American civilians. Even after deciding on a topic and having it approved, I struggled with finding scholarly sources to back my claim.

If I could talk to any future Humanities Core students next year, I would tell them to start early and go to the library and ask for help as frequently as possible. This is not an easy assignment that can be done the night before and you WILL run into challenges along the way. All in all, I am glad to have found a topic that interests me, is new, and to have actually been able to it and keep up in my other classes.