Social Media : Home of the Modern Day Picaro

social_media keys

Social media, one of the most powerful tools we have today. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, etc., allows for everyone to share their opinions and thoughts instantly whenever they please. Recently people have begun to realize the power of social media and are beginning to use it to make powerful statements and begin history-making movements. For this reason, social media is the new home of the modern day Picaro. Social media gives anyone regardless of social status a place to make themselves heard.

Social media allows for users to talk about whatever they want, whenever they want. This freedom can sometimes be a bad thing but when utilized correctly can be extremely powerful and a short post can lead to many real world consequences. Many online accounts act as news sources that report breaking news from below. These accounts and their owners can become extremely popular and take someone from an online personality and lead them onto mainstream television. Examples of this are be people such as Shaun King and Deray McKesson. These two men have been leaders of the online #BlackLivesMatter movement, specifically on Twitter, and have been able to take their highly controversial threads on the mistreatment of black people in society from Twitter to news shows such as CNN. There is a more known account that goes by “Anonymous“. They are a group known for exposing government secrets and well-known people. Anonymous frequently makes the news for their reporting on issues plaguing social media.

Social media allows for people to share whatever information they would like, whenever, and wherever. The freedom and accessibility presented by social media has brought about many modern day picaro’s. There are thousands of other profiles like Anonymous’, Deray McKesson’s, and Shaun King’s across the many different social media platforms available and there are even more social media accounts that while they do not focus on serious issues, they give a view of history from below and I consider them all picaro’s. They give history from their point of view and whether you think the posts are meaningful or not, it is a window into someones life and personal thoughts, allowing you to connect with them.

Deray McKesson on CNN –>

Shaun King on CNN –> 

Anonymous on CNN –>


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