Possible Research Topic


          A theme related to war that interest me is agency and mediation. For agency I am curios about the ability of one person or a small group of people to persuade many people to join their cause and fight in the name of that cause whether they truly support/understand it or not. For mediation I am curious about why we get to see the things we see and what it would be like if we saw all the facts. I would like to explore the topic of gang members and their reasoning for wanting to join gangs, do they feel they have no choice in the matter or are they drawn in by shared ideals with those already apart of the gang. What makes someone decide to join a group knowing they face death and/or jail time due to the requirements of joining that group? This interest comes mostly from personal experience, growing up around gang violence, seeing schoolmates join gangs, and lose their lives before high school graduation. I always wondered why they signed up to be apart of these groups knowing that there was no positive outcome.

          I think this theme relates to what we have learned in Humanities so far because it questions peoples agency and decision making while also questioning the media. Why do these people do the things they do and why do we only see some of what they do? Is the image we see of these people, violent, uneducated, and careless, really who they are or are we shown the things that people against gangs want us to see. I would like to explore the topics of human agency, racial differences in war, and public vs private memory in an effort to understand why these people do the things they do and how they decide what is appropriate and what is not.

          I find ethnic studies and gender/sexuality studies the most interesting. They are both topics that are still modern day issues, from sexism in movies to racism, they have always and will always be an issue. They are also topics that come up in daily life, it is unusual for me to go a day without hearing about the feminist movement or the Black Lives Matter movement, because they are consistently talked about it is impossible to not be curios about the topics. I can use these disciplines to analyze how race place into gangs, Latino gang culture vs. African American gang culture, and how gender/sexuality effect the dynamics of a gang. Are gay men allowed to join gangs? Are female and male gangs strictly separate? Why? These are all questions I would like to get an answer to.