Extra Post


This post is just something extra because I am not too confident in my other four posts. This will be a reflection of my time in humanities core this quarter.

This quarter of hum. core has been the most challenging so far. In the past two quarters, I did not have much trouble with keeping up with the readings but this quarter was a serious struggle. Between my programming class and hum. core, it felt like I could never keep up. The research paper has been the hardest part of it all. From struggling to figure out what topic I would do, finding scholarly research and actually writing the paper, it has been anything but easy. With all that said, I think I actually liked this quarter the most. In past quarters I have only been able to do exactly what the instructor wanted but this quarter I got to write about things I was truly interested in and cared for. While I am not done with my paper I have received great feed back on my draft and on my topic itself from classmates.

Recently an incoming freshman that I know asked me if he should take hum. core. My first instinct was to immediately email him back telling him to avoid it at all costs. I wanted to say that the course was too much work, not worth it, and that he would have more fun in other classes. But I didn’t. Instead I told him to do it. While I did warn him of the work load, I told him of the benefits and the satisfaction that comes from working on things that you actually enjoy. I definitely do not regret taking hum. core and think it was probably one of the best decisions I could have made for myself in terms of how it broadened my perspective on the topic of war and opened my eyes to the different ways war is advertised. All in all, I see the benefits of hum. core and how it has positively effected my knowledge of war and writing.