Are Schools America’s New War Zone? 

An armed police officer walks the halls of an elementary school

“Officer on leave till school can get to the bottom of incident”, “New bill proposes all teachers are armed”; and “New bill would put an armed officer in every school”. These are headlines that I have seen very often in recent years. They lead me to ask, are schools America’s new war zone? Why do there need to be more guns in schools? These headlines lead me to believe that we are in a state of war. Recent events have shown that it would be better to have no guns in schools, yet still there are people pushing to arm teachers and put armed guards inside schools. Every time I turn my head, there is a headline about a student being handled with excessive force in a school or a school shooting. It is like our schools are becoming war zones, we are rushing to get as much weaponry into them as possible and waiting for a reason to use those weapons. How are kids supposed to be safe and secure when there is a gun in every room they enter while in school? Guns may sound like the answer to the problem, but they only complicate things. With guns constantly in reach, how many more school shootings will there be? If a teacher pulls the gun out from under their desk every time a student challenges them, can you imagine how many young kids would be dead? Schools were once thought to be a place where the students and teachers were safe; they were safe havens from the outside world. If guns are put into every school, they will be like land mines, waiting to be tipped off, at anytime, by anyone.

An armed officer violently arrests a young girl inside of a classroom

Instead of putting more guns into our schools how about we train our teachers and security guards to better deescalate situations. Recently a video showing a teenage girl being violently tossed around a classroom while a security guard is detaining her, has people in outrage. Was there not a better way for the officer to handle the situation? If someone who is supposed to protect and serve cannot calmly get a child to listen to their directions, how good of an officer can they be? School security guards do not need guns, they need training on how to prevent situations from being blown out of proportion and they need training on how to stay calm, even when a student is being unruly. These officers being allowed to ruff students up whenever they feel necessary leads to more issues and creates tension between the students and security guards. More guns in schools will lead to all out war in the hallways. With officers feeling superior to students, because they are older and in a position of power, and students being made to feel like they have no say in any matter, guns will only complicate things. People see guns as a quick and easy solution to problems and I tremble at the thought of living in a world where a teenager, with a typical teenager attitude, can be violently arrested or even shot just because they disagreed with an authority figure.


One thought on “Are Schools America’s New War Zone? 

  1. Alejandro Perez

    Hi Maliik,
    This was a powerful post. I too believe that the push for arms inside of schools is an unnecessary movement. Just as you said, schools should be nurturing environments that foster growth and creativity rather than violence and hatred. I was shocked when I saw the footage of that officer violently arresting that young lady. Not only was the officer’s aggressive behavior unwarranted due to the fact that it was unmerited (from what I’ve heard, the student wasn’t doing anything drastic that would require such force), but it was also unwarranted due to the fact that the student was a child. If events like these continue to occur, it definitely will seem like schools will be the new war zone. Hopefully we can grow from this, and prevent war from spreading into our schools.

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